New Local Enterprise Offices will help Cork businesses ? Clune

Fine Gael Senator Deirdre Clune is welcoming the drafting of legislation to dissolve the City and County Enterprise Boards and replace them with Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs). This reform is part of the Action Plan for Jobs and aims to support enterprises at a local level.

“It is my hope that businesses in Cork will avail of this invaluable resource. This change will result in the correct support, information and advice being accessible at local level for businesses. A ‘one-stop-shop’ will be set up for small businesses in each local authority.

“Early next month, a Centre of Excellence will be established in Enterprise Ireland especially for micro and small business supports. In January, Local Enterprise Offices will be set up in local authorities, providing local businesses with the expertise to help them run smoothly.

“A four week consultation period has been launched to gather the views of people in business, in my view it is essential for business people to give their opinions and bring their experience to the project. In this way, LEOs can provide the appropriate support.

“One in three Irish workers are employed by a small business therefore it is crucial that small enterprises are fostered and supported in these challenging times.

“A number of key targets have been set for the new LEOs to deliver upon. They will aim to increase the number of start-ups, improve the survival rates for new enterprises and make it easier for new businesses to access export markets.

“I am particularly pleased that another aim of the LEOs is to boost the number of female entrepreneurs, I want to see more women at the helm of businesses, giving their own unique and important contribution to Ireland’s economy.”

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