Gardai need new cars – says Garda Inspectorate Chief speaking in Cork

The head of the Garda Inspectorate says the problem of aging Garda squad
cars is a “ticking timebomb”,
Chief Inspector Bob Olson was in Cork City yesterday as guest speaker at
the Cities “Joint Policing Committee” meeting.
The role of the Garda Inspectorate
– which is separate from both the Gardai, and Ombudsman –
is to take a longer term view, and advise the force how to best use its
At the moment Garda cars are retired when they reach 300-thousand
and the Inspector says the practice of swapping high milage rural cars with
lower milage urban cars is only a “band aid” solution.
Chief Inspector Bob Olson, was careful not to attack the Government,
but says the Gardai DO need new cars

0403 INSPECTOR 02 chief inspectr bob olson MENTIONS CARS GENERICALLY.mp3

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