Pay Parking in Carrigaline

More details have emerged of plans to introduce pay parking in Carrigaline.

County Council officials want to charge 80 cents for street spaces
and 1 euro for the Owenboy car-park

The goal is stop City commuters and staff from taking up valuable spaces,
and in turn encourage shoppers back into the village during the day.

Parking would be for 1 or 3 hours, and there’d be a free car-park
with no time limits in the “Circus Field”.

Local County Councillors will vote on the proposals in mid-April

If approved a traffic warden would be hired and they would also
police loading bays, disabled spaces, and parking on double yellow lines.

Cllr Tim Lombard says many Carrigaline families currently shop elsewhere
because of the hassle of finding a space.

Cllr John Collins agrees something has to be done to improve turn-over

0226 CARRIGALINE-PARKING 01 fg cllr john collins.mp3

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