Events centre presents massive opportunity for Cork says Clune

Seantor Deirdre Clune (Fine Gael) would like to welcome the
significant progress in setting up a publicly funded conference centre
in Cork. The City Council has announced it is seeking firm proposals
from developers for the venue.

“I am delighted that [Cork] City Councillors are taking decisive
action in getting this crucial project off the ground.

“Without a conference Centre Cork is missing out on vast commercial
opportunities and losing out to nearby counties who have such
facilities available.

“Cork is in a prime location to host such a project; there is access
to an airport and rail, this facilitates travel from all over Ireland
and internationally.

“This Centre could be used for a multitude of events for example,
concerts, business conferences and sporting occasions.

“There are a number of sites which would be suitable for this
initiative and it is imperative that a decision is made as soon as
possible so the people of Cork can reap the benefits.

“Interested developers will have to make submissions to council or
tender for the investment and give the details of how much public
funding it will need as well as the potential positive attributes it
could bring the county.

“This will certainly bring business to Cork and create jobs directly
and indirectly. This move is long overdue and will undoubtedly give a
boost to the local economy.”

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