Cobh FF figure welcomes retention of Seanad

7th October 2013, Monday
By Reporter

Ken Curtin who is hoping to contest the 2014 local elections in the
Cobh local electoral area has welcomed the NO vote in the referendum
to abolish the Seanad. Ken played a lead role in the campaign to save
the Seanad both online and offline through his involvement with civil
society NO group Democracy Matters and his party, Fianna Fáil.

Responding to the result he said “this was a win for democracy. I was
one of a small few who were involved in the NO campaign more or less
from day one. At times we looked like we were fighting an unwinnable
battle especially given the collective resources we were up against,
but we never gave up. Our efforts both offline and online up till the
final vote was cast ensured what was a narrow but decisive victory”

He added “having played a central role in the Democracy Matters
campaign in Cork I’m especially pleased Cork collectively voted NO and
in particular both Cork East and my native Cobh also returned NO
votes, showing clearly hard work does pay off”

Commenting on the role his party Fianna Fáil played he said “I’m
delighted Fianna Fáil took a NO position in this campaign. Through my
cumann Cobh I moved a motion at the 2012 ard fheis calling on the
party to change its position on the Seanad from scrapping to saving
and reforming instead. Thankfully the motion was passed and the party
listened to its members and as a result FF played a key role in the NO
campaign locally and nationally”

When asked where we should go from here he said “those of us who
campaigned for NO did so, on the basis that a NO vote was a vote for
reform and our campaign continues till this reform happens. We all
have a collective responsibility to make this aspiration a reality.
In that regard as an observer over the last year I’ve watched the
constitutional convention first hand and I believe they are the ideal
forum to examine the various reform options and make solid
recommendations to government which can be acted upon.”

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