Every Garda car should carry a Defibrillator

21st October 2013, Monday
By Bryan T. Smyth

A Government TD has said that EVERY Garda car should be equipped with a
Labour Junior Minister Kathleen Lynch was speaking this afternoon in Cork..

Defibrillators – which can deliver an electric shock to restart a heart –
are currently in the headlines following the death of an elderely man on
Cork to Dublin train last week, between Mallow and Charleville.

It emerged trains do NOT have the life saving devices on board.

At todays meeting of the “Cork City Joint Policing Committee”
it was suggested there should be public defibrillators in Cork City,
but City Hall doesn’t have the money.

Junior Minister Kathleen Lynch then suggested instead that ALL Garda cars
should be equipped with a defibrillator.
because the moment only some Traffic Corps and rapid response vehicles have
the devices

We asked Kathleen Lynch if the Government would pay for the defibrillators
in EVERY Garda car
she said the Minister for Justice considers all funding applications


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