Is the Toyota logo on Cork Opera House helping sales Leeside?

5th November 2013
By Bryan T. Smyth

Why is there a Toyota Logo and Sign on top of Cork Opera House? Ask anyone in Cork and no one will know why? Most will guess that the Japaneses car giant donated money to the Opera House in the past. For a time it was called “Toyota Towers” by those who like alliteration.  If you know the History of Toyota’s connection please let us know!

But today Toyota and Cork are in the news for a different reason: German Cars among Ireland’s favourite car brands but Cork people love Toyota

According to new research from DoneDeal 57% have said that if they had to drive one car for the rest of their lives it would be one produced in Germany.  However, a close look at DoneDeal shows that Cork bucks the trend with Toyota being the most popular placed car on DoneDeal this year and Toyota Corollas selling the fastest.

The DoneDeal research questioned people in Ireland’s relationships with their motors and there were some interesting findings:

Germany is by far the most trusted and respected country when it comes to motoring. This is backed up by the popularity of German cars on DoneDeal, Ireland’s most visited website for buying and selling cars.

The survey found that across Ireland 57% of respondents believe that Germany produces the best cars with Japan in second place on 31%.

When questioned on their favourite famous cars, 61% of those surveyed cited the indestructible Toyota Hilux from Top Gear as their favourite. The nearest rival to the Hilux was Mr Bean’s Mini getting 19% of the vote.

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