Bottlehill landfill might open by 2018

10th December 2013
By Bryan T. Smyth

The mothballed Bottlehill dump in North County Cork MIGHT open for business
as soon as 5 years time.

The controversial facility should have opened in 2010
but because of the surplus of landfill space in Cork, and increasing EU levys
on landfill the local authority decided it wasn’t economically viable
to proceed.

Since then it’s been reported that Cork County Council has been
spending 200 thousand euro a year
on maintenance and monitoring of the empty site. It’s also been
repaying a loan taken out to build
the 48 million euro facility.

Now, as part of a “National Waste Policy” County Councils from across
Munster, plus Carlow, Wexford,
and Kilkenny have joined forces to look at how waste is handled.

A report into the feasibility of opening part of Bottlehill for landfill,
and another area for a small power generating “Eco Park” will be
completed by the autumn.

Chairman of the County Council’s “Strategic Policy Committee for
Environment” is Kevin Murphy.

The Fine Gael Cllr explains what an Eco-Park involves


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