MEP welcomes Cork Airport new route

19th December 2013

Sean Kelly MEP – has welcomed today’s announcement by Aer Lingus Regional, that the airline intends to expand its services at Cork Airport. The government’s scrapping of the travel tax was the key incentive for Aer Lingus Regional’s decision to grow passenger numbers from Cork airport beyond 300,000 in 2014 (a 20% increase) which will boost tourism and commerce in Cork in 2014. However, its time other major airlines also followed Aer Lingus Regional’s lead and improve connectivity to key European markets, such as Germany, Italy and Spain for Cork businesses.

Sean Kelly MEP Ireland South, said: “Cork airport offers a tremendous growth opportunity for global airlines, with 100,000 passengers alone travelling through the airport during the busy Christmas holiday period. Cork, which is already a global base for the pharma industry, is also developing an international reputation as a Research and Innovation hub, with technology multinational’s, such as McAfee, Qualcomm and EMC locating in the new City Gate complex Mahon, as well as, leading indigenous software companies in the NSC and the Rubicon centre.

“These fast growth companies operate in extremely competitive global markets and future expansion plans are based on convenient market access to Europe & the US for their staff and customers. The government, by abolishing the travel tax, has now provided the stimulus for airlines to grow passenger traffic and improve air-connectivity, therefore its time major European & US airlines look at establishing new routes from Cork into Europe and the US (east coast).” commented Mr Kelly, MEP.

Cork airport, currently serves 2.3 million passengers annually, providing an ideal base for international airlines like Ryanair, Air Berlin, Jet Blue and US Airways to build popular new routes.

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