Anti-car Popes Quay U-turn

10th January 2014
By Bryan T. Smyth

If you haven’t been on Popes Quay recently then prepare yourself for a change.

The area has become more unfriendly and restrictive for cars. The
opening of the street from the direction of the opera house bridge has
been narrowed, and in keeping with the style of building jutting out
footpaths elsewhere in the city the sides of the “obstasacle” (from a
car’s perspective) have not been painted in black and white stripes.
So it’s a case of grey on grey. I recently counted 3 dents suggesting
cars had collided with the new path.

Northside Fianna Fail Councillor Kenneth O Flynn has welcomed today
the revised layout plan for the Popes Quay area

After a series of meetings with representatives from both the
Dominican order and the congregation of St. Mary’s Church alongside
input from local residents, Cllr Kenneth O Flynn has confirmed today
that there is now a revised plan that has been drawn up for the Popes
Quay area.

This plan will now make available a further 11 new car spaces and
include these 11 spaces into the existing plan while also making
provision for parking for buses. It is not clear if the footpath will
be reduced.

Cllr O’ Flynn said that “this was a most welcome development and
response from Cork City Council and I believe at this stage will
satisfy all stakeholders in the popes quay area.

“We are also erecting parking signs and asking the public to give
consideration to those attending mass on the Saturday and Sunday

Cllr O’ Flynn further stated “I want to pay tribute to all
stakeholders involved who acted responsibility and interacted
progressively with Cork City Council when problems arose. I am also
very happy with the response from Cork City Council who took on board
the call for to answer the needs of the public and the church goers in
the St. Mary’s parish”.

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