[Audio] Cork City Centre on flood alert (again)

14th February 2014, 4pm
By Bryan T. Smyth & Bryan Smyth
bryan@TheCork.ie / bryan@TheCork.ie

Cork City Council is warning that “tidal flooding” is forecast between
5 and 6pm this evening.

Areas likely to be affected are Morrissons Island, parts of South Mall,
South Terrace, Wandesford Quay and Frenches Quay ,
and low lying parts of the City Centre…

Road and street closures will be put in place from 4.30 to 6.30pm ,
and motorists have been asked not to park in the areas likely to be affected
since 2pm

Property and home owners are advised to take the usual flood precautions …

meanwhile, Cork’s only Senior Minister Simon Coveney has confirmed that a long
flood relief scheme for the City is on track for 2018.

Plans for the “Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme” will be finalised by
July, with construction taking 4 years.

Works will include replacing metal railings with solid walls on the
quays, and installing one-way valves to prevent flood
waters entering drains and sewers

Minister Coveney says protecting Cork is a key priority


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