[Audio] Jameson Tourists encouraged to visit City also

28th February 2014, Saturday
By Bryan T. Smyth


An initiative from Irish Distillers to bring more tourists to Cork City
Centre has been launched It’s called the “Cork Whiskey Trail”

Every year more than 100-thousand people visit the Jameson Experience,
in Midleton in the County, but not all visitors continue on into Cork City.

The new “Cork Whiskey Way” is a self guided tour available as a free iPhone
app, or users can receive a printed map from various pubs, and tourist centres.

The purchase or consumption of alcohol is not necessary to complete the
“Whiskey Way” tourists just need to visit four participating pubs to get a free pass for
the Jameson Experience in Midleton.

We’ve been speaking with Peter Moorehead from Irish Distillers Pernod


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