[Audio] Govt Labour scheme is “slave labour” says City Anti Austerity Alliance Cllr

25th June 2014, Wednesday
By Bryan Smyth

Trade Unions in Cork City Council are being asked to withdraw their
co-operation from an internship scheme called Gateway.

The Chief Executive – previously known as the City Manager – confirmed
last night that the Council is going ahead with the recruitment of up
to 70 staff under the controversial scheme.

Similar to JobBridge the scheme takes people off the dole temporarily
and into 19 hours a week work. But participants receive only 20 euro
more than the dole, which equates to working for just 1 euro an hour.

Back in April Councillors voted overwhelmingly voted to support a Sinn
Motion that City Hall would NOT use the scheme.

But last night the Chief Executive said he is going ahead nevertheless
because the Council has to engage with national schemes.

The Anti Austerity Alliance held a protest outside City Hall before
Monday’s City Council meeting. Cllr Mick Barry said he is calling on
trade unions who represent the Council’s full-time paid workers to
fight the Gateway scheme


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