[Audio] Cork Airport needs independence says Former Lord Mayor

10th September 2014, 9.30am
By Bryan T. Smyth

“Cork City AND County Councils need to have more of an input into how Cork Airport is run.”

That’s the view of a growing number of elected Councillors from across Cork.

There’s growing concern about the decline of Cork Airport in recent months,
following the loss of routes and falling passenger numbers.

While Dublin and Shannon Airports are controlled locally… Cork is not independent, so many important decisions
are made by the DAA in Dublin.

Cork is also being crippled by having to repay 100 million euro in debt from the construction of a new terminal,
whereas Shannon Airport had more than 100 million of its debt written down by the Government.

In March the Transport Minister created the “Cork Airport Development Council” to bring together stakeholders
but it does NOT include any City or County Councillors.

Former Lord Mayor Terry Shannon – of Fianna Fail – says the City and County Council should have a say into how Cork Airport is run

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