Cork City Cllr comments on Property Tax Deadline

7th January 2015
By Elaine Murphy

Anti Austerity Alliance councillor Marion O’Sullivan this morning
warned Fine Gael and Labour that they would pay a heavy price at the
next General Election for “setting the Revenue Commissioners on the
people” in relation to the Local Property Tax.

Her warning came on the deadline day for more than 1 million
householders to contact the Revenue about making arrangements to pay
their property tax for 2015. Those who paid their 2014 property tax
by installments are not being asked to contact the Revenue today but
for all those who paid by lump sum last year today is deadline day.

Cllr O’Sullivan said: “The Government should not confuse the high
levels of payment with support for the property tax. The property tax
is an unjust tax and it is a hated tax.

Most people pay because of the fear factor brought about by the
Government setting the Revenue on the people. But people are well
aware who set the Revenue on them and Fine Gael and Labour should be
in no doubt that that they will pay a heavy price for this at the next
General Election.”

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