New passport card will mean efficient travel for business people – Collins

26th January 2015
BY Elaine Murphy

Here at we are a tad concerned about this new “Passport
Card” that was announced today.

Is it essentally Ireland’s version of a National ID card? Most other
EU countries have such cards, but Ireland and the UK – along with most
other English speaking countries – have historically been against the

Nevertheless the benefits are being touted today by Government.

Fine Gael TD for Cork North West, Áine Collins, has today (Monday)
welcomed the introduction of a new passport card saying it will bring
about new efficiencies for business travellers.

“The launch of the new passport card today by Minister for Foreign
Affairs Charlie Flanagan, is a really positive development for
business travellers.

“At €35 it will serve as a great supplement to the traditional booklet
passport for EU and EEA travellers. This will be particularly useful
for frequent flyers in the business community who regularly have their
passports stuck waiting in embassies for the purpose of getting visas.
Now they will be able to use their passport card if they need to make
a trip while waiting for their normal passport to be released.

“The new card also serves as a very useful backup for people who lose
their traditional passport while abroad. You could now save yourself
the heartache of phoning home, trying to get a replacement passport
and possibly missing flights while you wait.

“Another positive aspect to the passport card is for young people,
many of whom have tended to use their passports as ID on nights out.
Many young people lose or have their passports stolen when they are
out and it would be much better for them to bring the passport card,
which is easier to store in your wallet or bag, and is much cheaper to
replace should the need arise.

“A new Smartphone App makes the passport card really easy to get. You
can apply through the app and even take a passport standard selfie of
yourself to submit with the application! I encourage business people
to opt for this card when it becomes available in July, and ensure new
levels of efficiency in their travel.”

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