Fota Wildlife Park Hope to Inspire TY Girls with “I Wish” event

8th February 2015
By Bryan Smyth

Fota Wildlife park is providing transition year girls with an opportunity
to express their “Wild Side” at their I Wish exhibition this coming

“I Wish” is a city and regional schools initiative in Cork to inspire Women
in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). The wish is to
promote greater female participation in STEM, to ensure that Ireland
maximises its talent pool and continues to attract high skilled jobs.

The Fota Wildlife Park Hub is delighted to welcome a selection of Cork’s
leading entrepreneurs to the “I wish” exhibition. The event at Fota
Wildlife Park begins at 10.15 in the park’s dedicated education complex
which is home to their education department who teaches over 13,000
students annually on science with a strong focus on ecology.

Experts in the fields of STEM including the park’s head of education Lynda
McSweeney will be at Fota to offer students both their perspective and
insights as to the reality of working in the areas of Food Science,
engineering, as well as the field of ZEPS ( Zoological, ecological and
plant science). Fota Wildlife Park staff will be hosting a tour of the park
where participants will be afforded an opportunity to meet and converse
with staff employed in areas such as animal husbandry, education,
veterinary nursing, environmental science and technology.

Full details of the event at Fota Wildlife Park and the other I Wish events
taking place across Cork can be see on

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