ETB want to be patron of new Carrigtwohill primary school

11 March 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth

To cater for increasing demand and higher pupil numbers in East Cork, the need for a new national school in Carrigtwohill has been identified by The Department of Education and Skills. An open evening will be held this week on Thursday, 12 March 2015 to discuss the patronage of this new and important primary school.

Cork Education and Training Board (Cork ETB), which is already patron to the first Community National School outside the greater Dublin area in Mallow, and 42 post primary schools in the County, is proposing their patronage of the new school, and it would establish a Community National School as a result.

The Community National School model was developed by the VEC’s (now the ETB’s), to provide an alternative model of primary education for parents who believe that their needs and their children’s needs, could not be fully met within the existing, largely church-operated and controlled, national school model. A Community National School is founded in its local community and offers an education model that is child-centred and inclusive, providing for children of all religious faiths and none. The first Community National Schools opened in Dublin in 2008, and the first school of this type in Cork opened under Cork ETB patronage in 2014 and is located in Mallow.

John Fitzgibbons, Education Officer at Cork ETB said, “Carrigtwohill Community National School, should this model be selected by the parents of Carrigtwohill, will provide attending school children with the highest quality primary education and teaching experience possible, in accordance with the Primary School curriculum and guidelines laid down by the Department of Education and Skills. Community National Schools operate through an ethos of inclusiveness and respect for all beliefs, cultures and backgrounds, in an environment where the uniqueness of the individual child is fostered and celebrated. The school will provide a multi-belief education programme within the school setting. This commitment is an important and distinguishing feature of Community National Schools”. All children are taught a common multi-belief education programme called “Goodness Me – Goodness You” which centres on a common approach, with the key to each lesson involving the relating of a story with a moral basis.

Cork ETB is committed to providing Carrigtwohill with the best possible options in terms of education. Cork ETB will open a new post primary Community College in Carrigtwohill for September 2016 in a co-patronage arrangement with the Diocese of Cloyne.

Cork ETB has pioneered the development of new education models, being the principal driver behind the development of the Community College model from the 1970’s onwards. It is currently patron to 42 second level schools in Cork.

Community National Schools prepare children for life in the 21st century, applying modern technologies with established and progressive approaches to educating each child. In Carrigtwohill Community National School, modern technologies, including the use of personal electronic devices, will be embedded in the education delivery model.

It is likely that Educate Together will also submit an application for patronage of the Carrigtwohill school. Patronage will be awarded to the body evidencing the greatest level of support from parents wishing to have their child attend the school.

For Parents wishing to get more information about the Community national School for Carrigtwohill, a public meeting will be held on Thursday 12th March in the Community Centre. More information is available on and parents can pre-enrol their children using the following link,, or through Facebook (Carrigtwohill Community National School).

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