Douglas school seeks 50 year old artefacts

28 April 2015
By Bryan T. Smyth

50 years ago, in a simple suburban house on the Douglas Road called “Sunview”, Christ King Girls Secondary was founded to answer the educational needs of the local community. To mark this significant anniversary the school have planned a number of events that will run throughout the next school year.

One of the planned events is an Exhibition of School Memorabilia planned for later this year. Christ King hope to gather a comprehensive representation of the school throughout the years and they would particularly like to gather examples of the uniform, from the earliest days. If someone had an actual uniform from 1965 that would be amazing but any part of a uniform, from any era, would be most welcome.

Principal, Mary Keane, said: “Fifty years is a very significant milestone for a school that grew from such humble beginnings. We are proud of every girl who has been through the doors of Christ King; each has made a contribution in their own way. We continue to provide the best possible education for our pupils and to equip them for the world of 2016. Each student, past and present, is part of our school community and we will celebrate each and every one in this momentous year.”

Anyone with items which might be of interest for this planned exhibition, particularly items from the uniform, should contact Christ King at 021 496 1448.

Christ King Secondary School is now one of the largest schools in Cork City or County and celebrates a long and distinguished history in both the academic and sporting spheres. For more information on the school visit

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