Tynan asks “What recovery?”, as nearly 35,000 suffering deprivation in Cork North Central

18 February 2016
By Elaine Murphy


The Workers’ Party candidate in Cork North-Central, Cllr Ted Tynan, said today (Thursday) that the Government’s claims of economic recovery ring hollow in Cork North Central where an estimated 35,000 people suffer from multiple forms of deprivation. Estimates also show that nearly 20,000 people suffer from heat deprivation, while around 12,000 suffer from food poverty.

“Many communities in Cork North-Central were by-passed by the Celtic Tiger, suffered disproportionately from the economic collapse and austerity measures, and have yet to see any signs of recovery.”, said Cllr. Tynan.

“Based on extrapolations from the most recent CSO figures, nearly 35,000 people in Cork North-Central suffer two or more deprivation experiences. Nearly 20,000 are unable to heat their homes sufficiently, while around 12,000 are suffering food poverty.”

“The deprivation crisis in Cork North Central will not be solved by the more-of-the-same policies advanced by parties of the right.”

“What is needed is a range of interventions such as those proposed by the Workers’ Party. We need a State Enterprise Board to identify high value-added sectors in which to develop public enterprises, a Public Investment Bank to invest in cooperative and public enterprises and investment in high-quality social housing. We also need a range of measures to tackle low pay, including raising the Minimum Wage to at least the Living Wage which is currently estimated at €11.50 per hour”

“Without such interventions, ‘recovery’ will continue to be nothing more than a slogan on a billboard for many people in Cork North-Central”, Cllr Tynan concluded.

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