Lost Teddy of Cork Airport to be reunited with Owner

11 February 2017
By Elaine Murphy

The tale of Teddy lost at Cork Airport has come to happy end. Teddy’s owner, Anna who is two-years old and living in Amsterdam has been found thanks to Teddy’s story making headlines across news and social media worldwide.

Teddy’s adventures at Cork Airport have lived out on Cork Airport’s Facebook page since he was first found last Sunday evening (5th February) and his story has been shared by thousands of people on social media. His story has also made worldwide news as well-wishing people both here in Ireland, in China, the US and across Europe tried to help and locate his owner.

Teddy will be making his trip home to be reunited with Anna on Monday when he flies as a very special VIP on Aer Lingus flight EI 844 from Cork to Amsterdam. Assurances have been given that he will be well looked after by the captain and cabin crew until he is handed back to his rightful owner.

Niall MacCarthy, Managing Director at Cork Airport said: “We looked after Teddy as well as we look after all our customers – with care and attention. The response we have received to Teddy’s story has been astonishing and he has been turned into somewhat of a social media superstar. It is truly heart-warming the efforts made by strangers to find Teddy’s young owner and reunite him with her. He has literally been around the world and back again in 80 hours”.

It seems that Teddy was left behind when Anna’s family, who are originally from Cork, were returning back to Amsterdam following a family visit.

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