BANDON FLOODING: OPW commitment to communicate better with Bandon residents on flood relief project welcome – Murphy O’Mahony

12 May 2017
By Tom Collins

New website, newsletter and monthly forum announced

Margaret Murphy O’Mahony TD

Bandon Deputy, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony has said that the new proposals from the OPW to improve communications with the local community during the flood relief scheme in the town will be welcomed by local businesses and residents.

Deputy Murphy O’Mahony commented after being informed that both the OPW, and the contractor, WBL, have agreed to a number of measures to help keep the community, affected by the works, up to date on the project.

“This is something I have raised before. There has been a distinct lack of two way communication between the contractors and the local business community.

“A lack of information serves no one’s purposes, and I am thrilled to see that a greater focus will be placed on communicating with the people of Bandon.

Some of the proposals include:

  • Monthly newsletter for businesses and residents
  • New project website to provide more information
  • Appointment of a community liaison representative to help deal with issues as they happen
  • Monthly open evening for residents to raise concerns

“This is a major piece of investment in the town of Bandon. It is expected to continue for number quite a while, and as such, it’s important that there is buy in from all the stakeholders, especially those who have suffered from flooding, to ensure that the project can be delivered in as efficient way as possible,” concluded Murphy O’Mahony.

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