CORK CITY: You can now have takeaway delivered to you in PUBLIC PARKS – but what about the wrappers/rubbish afterwards, will littering increase?

23 June 2017, Friday
By Bryan Smyth

New Business Ideas in Cork

There’s nothing more glorious in the summer than eating al fresco when the sun comes out, and Deliveroo today announced the good news that its riders will deliver delicious restaurant meals to select parks in Cork.

So, no more soggy sandwiches and picnic baskets required – Deliveroo will now deliver quality lunch and dinner options from your favourite local restaurants direct to you while you lounge in the park. All you have to do is grab the perfect spot, and in just 32 minutes (a very specific time!) Deliveroo will sort the grub and any refreshing drinks you fancy.

Cork is one of five cities that Deliveroo has expanded this handy new service to. The others include Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Belfast.

How it works
1. Download or open the app for iOS or Android
2. Enter your location
3. Drop the delivery pin at the nearest park entrance (the rider will not enter the park to try and find you in a maze of people!)
4. Head over to that virtual pin location once you receive the delivery notification message, and meet your delivery person

Liam Keenan, General Manager of Deliveroo Ireland says, “When the heat wave hit this week, we saw a huge surge in demand and our Cork customers are thrilled that they can order directly to the park where they’re hanging out enjoying the sun or seeking some shade. We’ll deliver to all the major parks in the five cities we operate in so all you have to do is grab the spot and we’ll bring the grub to you! It’s that simple.”

Service areas:

  • Fitzgerald Park
  • Bishop Lucey Park

Editorial: Potential problems with having fast food delivered to public parks
While the above service is innovative the question must be asked: What will happen to the wrappers/rubbish after the food has been consumed? Are Cork City Council going to increase the frequency of litter collection from bins in these parks?

We reported last week that sister authority Cork County Council were under criticism for not emptying bins near beaches quickly enough to counteract the influx of trash brought about by warm weather. As responsible adults we know that if you generate waste then you should dispose of it. That might mean taking it home with you if there are no bins or the bins are full, but sadly the general public cannot be trusted to always use such common sense and some will litter.

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