HEALTH: Cork Cllr (who is also a GP) says HPV Vaccines MUST be PROMOTED by HSE

6 September 2017
By Elaine Murphy

Cork City Fianna Fail Councillor John Sheehan – who is also a GP with a practice in Blackpool – has expressed his concern at what he called a campaign protesting the issue of the HPV Vaccine.

Since it was issued by the HSE, over 220,000 women have been given the vaccine.

“The HSE’s policy of issuing HPV Vaccines to teenage women is extremely important for women’s health.” he said. The benefits outweigh the risks of this vaccine. Nearly one woman gets diagnosed with cervical cancer every day. This has been used across the world and was first introduced in Australia. Its benefits have been proven. This can be prevented by issuing this vaccine and I will continue to support its use as a GP. The number of women taking the vaccine has fallen from a high of 90% in 2016 to by 50% this year. Since the HSE’s increased promotion of the HPV Vaccine is extremely welcome. ”

He concluded “With all of the flaws that the HSE has, this campaign is truly something that will benefit women throughout Ireland.”

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