HALLOWEEN: #NightmareRealm Cork returns to Kennedy Quay

6 October 2017
By Bryan Smyth

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The Nightmare Realm, Ireland’s most terrifying walk-through Halloween scare experience, is back from this evening, and it now in a new massive location on Kennedy Quay and it will be more petrifying than ever before.

There will be triple the terror with three different spine tingling haunts, zombie shoot paintballing, and an Apocalypse entertainment zone, where there will be plenty of opportunities to take selfies with creatures of the Realm.


The Realm Slaughterhouse
The Realm Slaughterhouse have been producing fine quality meats for generations. Mad

cow disease didn’t affect any of our produce…. unfortunately

we can’t the same for some of our staff. On your tour of our factory please keep your hands clear of the meat grinder unless you want to be part

of our mystery meat burgers. Our Pig Butchers keep the sharpest of knives!

Chops Carnevil

Roll up, Roll up see these freaks in all their glory! meet the lizard boy and the half bird man. Our clowns will keep you entertained all night,

they may even follow you home, that’s if you make it out alive. Don’t ask what happened to Jiggles nose, remember kids it’s not nice to stare.

Get you fortune told and have a run around our Big Top, we may even keep you as one of our acts.

Torrence Manor

Torrence Manor has long been rumored to be haunted. The Manor has changed ownership over the years – it was once a stately home of a tyrant landlord and then it was turned into an orphanage for demonic children. The Manor currently employs nurses to sedate the inhabitants that roam the dark corridors of this imposing building. Children’s nursery rhymes can be heard at night and visitors often find themselves being lured to a whisper beyond a mirror.

It is said if you stay long enough, the crooked man will hunt you down.

Zombie Shoot

Practice your target skills while shooting zombies with paintballs!

Charlies Army of the Dead

Charlie has hired his own apocalypse army who roam the zones outside of the haunts. This slightly misguided army wants to enlist you to join in the fight for

an independent Nightmare realm state! If you’re not with us, you’re against us, long live Charlie chop!

The Nightmare Realm has carved out a notorious reputation as Ireland’s premiere scare attraction by pushing the boundaries of sanity and mastering the artistry of fear.

Warning!  This is not your typical (boo) haunted house – there are no ghosts and goblins. This is an audience participation event in which YOU will live your own Horror Movie. Their interactive sets, vivid special effects and live creatures of the damned prey on your deepest darkest fears and bring your nightmares to life.

Those brave enough to venture into the Realm are advised to keep their wits about them as danger lurks in every shadow. It’s a thrilling experience for all horror enthusiasts and Halloween fans, and you will even spot references, characters and moments from iconic classic horror films along the way.

Commenting Director of The Nightmare Realm said, “We will test you to your very core.  We push people outside their comfort zone, challenge their expectations, and scare the hell out of them! If you pee in your pants, we don’t care.”

The Nightmare Realm has been running in Cork for 9 years and this is the second year in Dublin – the sickening and twisted interactive experience has already terrified more than 250,000 souls.

Scream, laugh or pee your pants, this will be a complete adrenaline rush and not for the faint hearted!  This really is the stuff of nightmares.

Scared? You should be. But think of the bragging rights you’ll earn when you’ve faced down the fear and survived!

The Nightmare Realm takes place at a new venue on Kennedy Quay (across from Goldbergs Bar) from 6 October to 5 November.  For more information, tickets and the best rates see www.thenightmarerealm.ie or social media #NightmareRealm.  Strictly over 13s.

Cork Box Office prices

Peak: Fast Pass €26 | Adult €21 | Student €18

Off-peak:  Fast Pass €24 | Adult €19 | Student €16

Cork Online prices (best price)

Peak: Fast Pass €24 | Adult €19 | Student €16

Off-peak:  Fast Pass €22 | Adult €17 | Student €15

* Best rates available online. Please note there is a booking fee of €1 per person up to a maximum of €5 per booking.

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