NEW BUSINESS: #FrankAndHonest Cafe opens in Merchants Quay Supervalu, Cork City Centre

12 October 2017
By Elaine Murphy


The coffee brand Frank and Honest has become a familiar name in recent months across Ireland. The in-store coffee stations and machines in Centra stores have been rebranded with the fresh image.

Now, Frank and Honest have gone a step further and opened a Café in Cork City Centre.

This new Frank and Honest Cafe is located in the newly revamped SuperValu store in Merchant’s Quay Shopping Centre (still known to many Cork people as the former Roches Stores food supermarket).

The new café boasts: free Wi-Fi, comfortable seating, and an impressive sit-in area.

What’s the history of Frank and Honest?

No brand is complete without a legend. According to a PR statement, the Frank and Honest brand was “was set up by a bunch of romantics who were tired of waiting around for ‘the one’, that one perfect coffee.”

But what is the more practical history of Frank and Honest? In the interests of being… well Frank and Honest! let’s have a look.

The company’s website refers to the “Frank and Honest – Gourmet Coffee Company” (emphasis added by us). A search of the Companies Registration Office reveals there is no Limited/Unlimited nor DAC company of that name, there is also no registered business name. Further, a search of registered Irish trademarks reveals no results. However, we note that the domain name is registered to Musgrave Ltd.


The Musgrave Group is headquartered in Cork, and owns the successful SuperValu and Centra franchise system (whereby each store is run by an independent person/company who is usually local to an area)

So, this means that the Frank and Honest brand is Irish owned! This fact – which is not highlighted too much on the website – will be a plus for many, as many other Cafe brands are foreign-owned. Indeed SuperValu and Centra – in their other advertising – often stress their local ownership as a positive.

But the real challenge for a consumable must be the taste test. In the interest of full disclosure, the brand did send us a bag of their coffee, and we can report excellent results. The price point is also respectable when compared with established brand name rivals.

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Our conclusion

Frank and Honest is a solid brand that will allow Centra and SuperValu stores boost sales of coffee

  • Irish owned
  • Takes advantage of Centra and SuperValu network to become a familiar name quickly
  • Tasty
  • Good price point

Best wishes to Frank and Honest, we will support your product again today at our local Centra/Supervalu.

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