BUDGET: Cork Doctor welcomes budget sunbed tax increase – designed to discourage usage while stopping short of a ban

12 October 2017
By Tom Collins

Designed to discourage usage while stopping short of a ban – that is the approach of the Irish Government to a variety of social ills – Cigarettes, alcohol and now… sunbeds!

Cork City Councillor John Sheehan (Fianna Fail), who is also a practising GP has welcomed the VAT increase on sunbeds, the sugar tax and the 50c increase on cigarettes – all in this years national budget.

“It is a step forward in lowering cancer and diabetes rates in Ireland and will have positive effect on the nation’s overall health.” he said.

Ireland is the 14th most susceptible nation in the world for skin cancer, with 16% of those diagnosed subsequently dying as a result of the condition. “Increasing the VAT on sunbeds is a move in the right direction to lower the shocking figures.”

Cllr and Dr John Sheehan

“It is great to see another 50c increase on cigarettes in Budget 2018. Increasing the price of cigarettes is the most effective way of lowering the rates of smoking. It is a very welcome move from the government to help lower the number of smokers and reduce the risk of cancers to many people.”

He concluded “With the shocking announcement last May that Ireland is on track to become the most obese country in Europe, I personally welcome the introduction of the sugar tax. Evidence shows that a sugar tax can reduce the overall consumption of sugary drinks thus lowering the cases of diabetes and obesity.”

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