HEALTH: Cork Pearl of Wisdom event promotes awareness of Cervical Cancer checks

30 January 2018
By Mary Bermingham

Lady Mayoress of Cork, Georgina Fitzgerald invites women aged 25 – 60 years to attend the Cork Pearl of Wisdom event on Wednesday 31st January in the Clayton Hotel at 11am. The event takes place during European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week and aims to raise awareness amongst women in Ireland on the importance of regular cervical screening.

The Pearl of Wisdom campaign aims to raise awareness on the importance of regular smear testing for women. It is estimated that 306 Irish women are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Ireland every year and roughly 93 women die from this disease annually. Throughout the week, CervicalCheck will distribute 22,000 free Pearl of Wisdom pins, a symbol of cervical cancer prevention.

The campaign also aims to encourage women aged 25-60 to check that they are registered for free cervical screening and to ensure that they attend regular screening appointments. They will be distributing free Pearls of Wisdom on the day. The Pearl is a symbol of cervical cancer prevention and the event organisers are asking anyone who receives one to wear the pearl, take a selfie and share the picture on social media with the hashtag #ShareTheWisdom. There will be music, refreshments and plenty of information to take away on the day.

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