Launch Of 2018 Anti Dog Fouling Awareness Campaign

5 March 2018
By Elaine Murphy

Cork City Council is pleased to announce the launch of our annual Anti Dog Fouling Awareness Campaign. The campaign, now in its third year, is organised and run by the Dog Fouling Awareness Sub Committee of Council in conjunction with the Litter Management Section of Cork City Council and is proudly Sponsored By Maxi Zoo Ireland’s largest pet retailer.

The 2018 awareness campaign will kick off at 10.30am on the 6th March 2018 in the Concert Hall in City Hall with the awards ceremony for the 2018 Primary Schools Poster Competition with the announcement of the overall winner being the highlight of the event.

The Dog Fouling Sub Committee through public awareness campaigns is engaged in a process of educational, behavioural and attitude change in the area of responsible dog ownership with personal responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their dogs being to the forefront of the campaign.

The committee is firmly of the view that education and awareness are the cornerstones of a successful campaign to eliminate dog fouling from the public realm.

Already in 2018 we have visited 12 schools and spoke to 4th & 5th class pupils regarding Dog Fouling and Littering

During 2018 the committee intends to:-

· Run further new and innovative awareness/advertising campaigns.

· Further involve schools in the promotion of Anti Dog Fouling Awareness Activities.

· Operate information stands at shopping centres during the year.

· Pilot Dog Fouling Free Zones around Primary Schools.

· Visit Parks and Green areas promoting responsible dog ownership.

· Pilot 2 dedicated dog walking zones.

· Purchase some additional multipurpose bins to assist with disposal of dog poo.

· The Litter Warden Service will also be increasing their anti dog fouling activity throughout the city by advising and cautioning the public and issuing fines where appropriate.

The Committee would like to thank the responsible dog owners who clean up after their dog and would ask all other dog owners to be civic minded and consider the impact on others, particularly children, wheelchair users, the elderly and parents with buggies when they fail to clean up after their dog.

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