Cork needs a signpost showing distances to twinned Cities – Cologne, Coventry, Swansea, Shanghai, San Francisco and Rennes

3 July 2018
By Elaine Murphy

City Cllr proposes motion for a new sign in Cork City to list twinned cities

Cllr and Dr John Sheehan

Cllr Dr John Sheehan (Fianna Fail) said

“In view of the fact the San Francisco had recently erected a signpost
listing their twinned cites and their distances, I would like to see a similar sign
in Cork City.

He has put forward a motion calling on Cork City Council to erect a similar
signpost, in a prominent city location, giving the direction and distance to our
twinned cities.

Similar to the on in Hallidie Plaza San Francisco he would like if it would have
the space to add more twins at a later date.

“It would be a touching tribute to the other cities and would further strengthen
our bonds” he said.

Cork City is already twinned with 6 other cities across the world, Cologne,
Coventry, Swansea, Shanghai, San Francisco and Rennes.

How far are those Cities from Cork?


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