Cork Green Party want to stop fur farming in Ireland

15 July 2018
By Elaine Murphy

The Green Party in Cork has called on Cork-based Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed, to engage with a national campaign to stop fur farming in Ireland.

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The call follows a meeting in Dublin this weekend organised by the National Animal Rights Association, who have been leading the campaign to ban fur farming in Ireland. The meeting was attended by the Green Party’s representative in the Cork City North West ward, Mark Cronin.

The campaign involves a weekly protest outside the Department of Agriculture on Kildare Street in Dublin and Minister Creed’s office.

Fur farming was in the process of being phased out in Ireland by the Green Party when it was in government. However, the process was reversed by the now-Táiniste, Simon Coveney, in 2012. Three fur farms remain in Ireland, farming hundreds of thousands of mink for export each year.

Speaking after the meeting, Mr Cronin said:

“Minister Creed has the power to revoke the fur farms’ licences under EU law. It’s shameful that the practice of fur farming takes place in Ireland. Three farms hold thousands of mink in small cages from birth to death. The barbaric existence on these farms is totally unnecessary. There are plenty of alternatives, from the synthetic type to imitation fur from organically grown hemp.”

A renewed effort to ban fur farming in Ireland is expected later this year, Mr Cronin said:

“Ireland was one of the leaders in Europe on this issue when the Green Party with the backing of Fianna Fáil implemented a phased-out ban on fur farming in 2009. While other countries in Europe have subsequently banned fur farming, Ireland has gone back on that trend since, saving three farms from imminent closure.”

“An Opposition bill that will again ensure that fur farming is banned in Ireland is expected in Autumn. The Green Party fully support this initiative and will work in tandem with NARA and other political parties to ensure the bill is successful.”

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