M&P O’Sullivan officially open frozen storage

15 July 2018, Sunday
By Elaine Murphy

Business News

The sun may have been out in force last Friday (13th July 2018), but there was ‘a big freeze’ occurring at M&P O’Sullivan Ltd in Cork, as the well-known food wholesalers marked the official opening of their brand new and extensive frozen storage build at their premises on Sarsfield Road. The impressive extension – which has enabled the reputable company to expand not only their customer base but also their workforce – was officially unveiled by An Tánaiste Simon Coveney, who was on-hand on the day to cut the ribbon at the big reveal and to chat to management and staff about this promising new addition.

The large frozen and chill storage unit, measuring 15,000 square feet, took approximately one year to complete and extends M&P O’Sullivan’s already vast premises considerably. The extension allows for the storage of frozen and chill produce such as meat, vegetables, breads and desserts, and plays a vital role in fulfilling supply and demand among the Cork wholesalers’ customer base located across the Munster region. From supermarkets and convenience stores – including the company’s retail franchise, Gala – to restaurants, take-aways and even ice-cream and fish-and-chip vans, M&P O’Sullivan’s brand names and products are central to daily life for countless food service providers and their customers. This new extension will allow the team behind the famous name to increase their efficiency and professional scope, leading to success and a smooth operation for all involved.

The build also denotes a good news story for the local economy, with in excess of 30 jobs created as a result of its inception in the areas of construction, transport and logistics and retail. In order to grow the business and put forward such economic opportunities, the company also put a significant investment behind the extension, with the total figure estimated at €500,000. However, it is this unwavering ambition and forward thinking that has enabled M&P O’Sullivan Ltd, which was first established in 1905, to grow and expand with the times, even through times of recession and financial uncertainty.

Boasting a remarkable 113 years in business, the family-run company has already entered into its fourth generation; its longevity no doubt attributed to the long legacy of fathers, sons, brothers and cousins working side-by-side with one goal in mind: to provide their customers with only the best in value, product range and support as they continue to play an integral role in the Irish food industry.

Speaking following the official opening, Managing Director of M&P O’Sullivan Ltd, Pat O’Sullivan, said: “It is fitting that the sun is shining today as we officially open our brand-new extension, as this is undoubtedly a very positive, uplifting and exciting good news story, not only for the company, but for the local economy as a whole. At its core, M&P O’Sullivan is a family business and always has been, but while the O’Sullivan family remains at the helm, our colleagues and team of staff are right there with us and have become family in their own right. This new build will enable us to add to this family unit, just as it will allow us to expand our existing, loyal customer base.”

He added: “It was a special treat for us that An Tánaiste took the time out of his busy schedule to mark the official unveiling and we are very grateful that he continues to support Cork’s businesses and those behind the each little and large success. We’d also like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to our team here at M&P O’Sullivan Ltd for their dedication and commitment to the company, as well as to our wonderful customers. We’re excited to see what the future holds!”

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