New Council must allow representations from the people they represent

23 November 2018
By Bryan Smyth

Labour Local Election Candidate Peter Horgan has said that the new City Council next May should allow a system of representations in person directly to Council, following a series of issues where those who the Council is meant to serve have felt isolated and shut down.

Peter Horgan (Labour)

“We’ve had residents in the city choked with car gridlock, traders in the city affected by decisions of the Executive and the less said about the antics relating to the City Walls and the flood defences work the better. Council must be in the business of communications. I would propose that a new method is allowed under Standing Orders in the new Council where groups representing a cause can address Council directly, almost like a petitions caucus. There can be a set aside special meeting every two months or so to hear the concerns directly and it informs the business of Council and informs the votes of elected Councillors.”

“It’s clear the recent issues dogging the Executive stem from a lack of communication to the people it serves. This would be an important step in restoring a dialogue in Council. The mechanism of allowing a group could be thrashed out but could be as simple as 50% plus one of the Council voting to hear from a group.”

“We must reimagine our local democracy in Cork continuously, otherwise we will all be speaking to our own echo chambers.”

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