What to do with an overhanging tree?

8 December 2018
By Elaine Murphy

Labour Local Area Rep Peter Horgan has reiterated his call for the local authority and the Government to provide once off assistance to people with trees on private land that are in danger of coming down in extreme weather events.

“I am getting tired of seeing dangerous situations with fallen trees that have been weakened storm after storm after storm ,” said Mr Horgan.

“…Storm Diana is having a massive impact on weakened trees that have survived a multitude of storms so far this year. A once off grant to those with trees on private land would encourage safety procedures to be carried out and safety in communities enhanced. It would seek to strengthen and maintain rather than just cutting down”

“I will continue to call for this assistance to people with large trees in the interests of protecting the communities that can be impacted, literally, by falling trees in storms.”

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