What’s an Armadillo, and why are they appearing on Roads?

12 December 2018
By Elaine Murphy

Peter Horgan

Labour Party Local Area Representative Peter Horgan has called for Cork City & County Councils to explore the use of armadillos for cycleways that are not protected in the city and county.

“Dublin City Council has started the process of utilising these armadillos which appear to be an imaginative way of enhancing cyclist and motorists safety on the roads,” said Mr Horgan.

“I am in contact with my Labour Party colleagues in Dublin on this matter regarding costs and monitoring of effectiveness but I would hope that in the new year the city and county councils in Cork could look at trialling these instruments here for Cork cyclists and motorists. Segregated cycleways enhance protections for all Road users. We have many cycleways where the lines are blurred on segregation, these armadillos could be highly useful in the fight to ensure safe driving and cycling in Cork.”

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