SOCIAL CIRCLES: Voxpro founders Dan and Linda Kiely Lifetime Patrons of a Cork Civic Trust project

24 December 2018
By Mary Bermingham

Cork Civic Trust has announced the launch of its new Civic Life project with the confirmation that Cork business couple Dan and Linda Kiely are to become its Lifetime Patrons.

L-R: Michael Mulcahy. with Linda and Dan Kiely
Picture: Gerard McCarthy

Chairman Michael Mulcahy said “Following an extensive research process, Cork Civic Trust is delighted to launch Civic Life as a digital news and promotional channel for all the voluntary, social, civic and not for profit organisations in all parts of Cork city and county. Civic Life will seek to work with, promote, support and assist the many great organisations that do such amazing work within our community. With over 3,000 such organisations representing every community and every sector, Civic Life is all about rowing in behind the organisations, telling their stories and getting their message out so as to generate public support. In addition, we will coordinate the involvement of the corporate sector with these exceptional organisations. We are excited that Dan and Linda Kiely have agreed to become the Lifetime Patrons of Civic Life. Their significant donation is not only a fantastic start to this initiative but is also a practical exercise in philanthropy from a successful couple who want to give back to Cork through the Civic Life project. With the further engagement and support from Cork’s corporate and business sectors, the Civic Life Project will also incorporate the Civic Support Fund which will seek to assist to assist voluntary, social, civic and not for profit organisations throughout Cork.

John X Miller, of Cork Civic Trust commented, “This is truly a momentous day for Cork and for our amazing voluntary, social, civic and not for profit organisations. I have spent over 20 years engaging with so many great organisations in Cork and I was acutely aware that some model that would ‘tell their great stories’ and ‘get their respective messages out there’ on a local to global basis was needed. Up to now, there has been no cohesive model in place for such organisations to promote themselves and their objectives so I am delighted that Civic Life will now take up this niche. Our range of services will be rolled out in the time ahead and we also look forward to recognising and honouring the great people in the voluntary, social, civic and not for profit sector through The Pride of Cork Awards 2019”.

The Civic Life project Lifetime Patrons Dan and Linda Kiely stated, “We are thrilled to be involved in this ground-breaking new project for Cork which we believe will be hugely beneficial to all the fantastic organisations that do so much for Cork and give so much back to their communities and the people in their communities. We have always had a very strong sense of support for things that make a difference and we believe Civic Life is going to do that for those voluntary, social, civic and not for profit organisations in Cork that want some help in promoting what they do and getting their message out there for all to see. We live in an era of instant communication and storytelling and Civic Life will tell these stories across a range of media platforms and assist them in disseminating their message to others”.

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