CORK CRIME: Residents of upmarket Douglas encouraged to call Gardai to stop breakins

6 February 2019
By Elaine Murphy

Labour Local Area Representative Peter Horgan has recently encouraged residents in the Maryborough Hill area of Douglas to be vigilant of activity late at night and to ensure that all windows and doors are locked as well as cars with valuables.

Labour Rep. Peter Horgan will run in the 2019 Local Elections for a seat on Cork City Council

“A number of residents around Maryborough Hill, most recently in Broadale have contacted me to say that there have been instances of attempted break-ins, either on their car or on their home,” said Mr Horgan.

“I would urge all homeowners and car owners to ensure their valuables are kept out of sight and windows and doors are locked and secure. I know that local gardai much prefer to know about issues before they happen where possible and have asked residents to keep communications open with them. Similarly, there are many door to door callers and people have raised questions on how to prove authentication with salespeople. Generally, authentic salespeople will have correct identification and won’t pester anyone at a door. If they do do not be afraid to call the Gardai or neighbours for assistance as genuine sales people will have notified Gardai in advance.”

“Looking out for neighbours and the estates we live in is vital to ensure that any would be Criminals also are deterred. Make sure to check on vulnerable neighbours when you can.”

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