Cork City ‘Rising Sons Brewery’ have expanded into producing Gin

30 October 2019
By Bryan Smyth

Following the recent successes for Rising Sons Brewery at the international World Beer Awards and the national Irish Pub Awards, Rising Sons Brewery have more incredible news for their punters. In a bold move towards future expansion, the Brewery have just produced a world-class Gin for the first time with the recipe developed by Head Brewer Shane Murphy.

Judy Wilkins, general manager of the Brewery, unveiling Rising Sons Gin to punters.
Picture: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM PHOTO
The Gin will be available from all Cork Heritage Pubs from the 2nd November.
Picture: Michael O’Sullivan /OSM PHOTO

This new product, humbly called Rising Sons Gin, is bursting onto the Gin scene and is refreshing, bold and sophisticated with zesty orange, jasmine and a spicy finish, bringing with it a recollection of an Indian Summer. Due to the natural fresh botanicals, this unfiltered Gin goes cloudy over ice. There’s a world-wide thirst for Gins across demographics and this locally distilled Gin, is set to win the taste buds of the world over. Served with a clean tonic or soda water, this Gin offers the perfect evening aperitif served over ice with a slice of orange. With its versatile aromas and subtle flavours, mixologists and customers alike are also invited to get creative in experimenting with this seriously gorgeous Gin available in all Cork Heritage Pubs from 2nd November.

Head Brewer, Shane Murphy came up with the recipe, saying: “wanting the brewery to continue on its trajectory to even more success, diversification into the world of Gin was just what the doctor ordered! We are a family-owned brewery; quality-focused, traditional but imaginative, and a mix of the old and new. We won’t stop creating and bringing our unique flavours and offerings to the local community and further afield.”

With the recent announcement that plans were afoot with planning permission already granted for an additional location across the road, excitement is growing for the further unveiling of the plans for a new brewery and distillery for Gin and Vodka to add to its portfolio.
Known for its innovative and unique approach to its offerings, this brewery together with its sister companies under the discerning eyes of visionary and owner Benny McCabe, brings to the Cork employment landscape over 200 employees across its pubs and brewery. Partnering with an indigenous bespoke distillery in order to start their distilling dreams, ahead of their own build, has yet again added to its employment offering.

Further growth of this nature is indicative of the success of its owner who remains loyal to his roots and local ethos. With demand for their beers ever-increasing, and dreams of new distilled products coming to the fore, Rising Sons is hard at work to make these dreams a reality. Speaking about these expansion plans, owner Benny McCabe said “We’re in a really unique position as our five-year business plan that we came to the table with on day one has thrived exponentially. Working with an Irish craft distiller, we have also been able to realise our dream of becoming Gin producers. We believe creating a partnership like this, will not only allow our brewery to grow and diversify and increase job generation but it’s also exciting to share our knowledge with this new partner under the direction of our brewing team Shane Murphy and Kieran Foley. Our team will continue to take the lead in being as innovative and creative as they always have been with regard to these recipes.”

Conveniently located on the busy thoroughfare of the Coal Quay in Cork City, Rising Sons Brewery radiates a rock and roll, no-frills sentiment, evident in all of their recipes and offerings. At street level, amidst the aromas of hops and malts and fruity tones, a certain ambience lures you in, on passing the pubs doors.

Rising Sons Brewery is set to continue to grow in its home town of Cork, all the while ensuring Cork is once again on the international map as world winners and artisan producers.

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