Where to buy CBD in Ireland

4 July 2020
By Roger Jones

A Munster business success story

Many businesses are suffering from the effects of the COVID19 lockdown. Even now, as things re-open some businesses are having to look closely at their balance sheets, however the Munster man behind DR.HEMPME says his sales doubled since the lockdown began in March, because he sells the bulk of his products online rather than relying on traditional bricks and mortar stores.

Brian Cusack spoke with TheCork.ie about his brand which is called DR.HEMPME. Cusack is a former corporate banker interested in alternative products. He believes that CBD made a positive impact on his own life, and he wants others to try his range of CBD-based oils, vaping products, skin creams, and coffee.

Speaking to TheCork.ie, Brian said “we rank really well on Google, so you’ll come across our name if you’re searching for CBD in Ireland“.

After suffering from migraines for close to a decade, Brian suggested that his girlfriend give CBD oil a trial run back in early 2018.

“And you know what? It worked for her,” Brian, who has since moved back to Waterford with his girlfriend following a stint in Dublin, tells us that DR.HEMPME has grown steadily since its inception 2 years ago.

“Business was much quieter at the start, I don’t feel people were as open to it back then. When the site went live I felt that I had to talk to people a lot more. It was almost like you couldn’t get a sale without a chat first, which is completely understandable as it was a new product. Anyone who’s about to spend €70 will really want to trust what they’re buying.”

“It’s a premium product that’s organically grown in Europe. We use a C02 extraction process, which is the most expensive production method. We also get all of our products third party lab tested by the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA). I don’t think there are many out there doing all of the above as it’s just a really expensive way of going about things.”

Boasting Ireland’s strongest CBD oil is one thing, but DR.HEMPME plans to go several steps further in the coming months. “We have loads of things we want to do before the year is out all going well,” he said. With a growing reputation as one of Ireland’s premium CBD oil specialists, DR.HEMPME looks set to be yet another Munster business success story.

For more visit DrHempMe.com

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