Emmet Place becomes fully pedestrianised

15 July 2020
By Elaine Murphy

Emmet Place is the latest part of Cork city centre to become more ‘people friendly’ and from today, is closed to cars from the entrance to the Crawford Art Gallery to Lavitts Quay.

Emmet Place is most popularly known as being the location of Cork Opera House.

Cork City Council is temporarily pedestrianising sections of the city centre to facilitate physical distancing and support local businesses during Covid-19.

Other streets that have been pedestrianised include Princes St, Pembroke St, Tuckey St and Harley St. The Marina riverside amenity has also been closed to cars while the western end of Paul Street can no longer be used as a through road with local residents only allowed access to the street in vehicles.

Cork City Council, working with its partners, is also offering free street furniture licences so that hotels, restaurants, bars, wine bars, cafes and take away restaurants can use exterior space to serve customers.

Director of Operations, David Joyce said:

“We are working with our partners to create a safer, more pleasant and greener city centre. We are very happy with how the city is being re-imagined as we learn to live with Covid-19”.

Two more public consultations around road closures at Little Ann Street and Little Cross Street are underway until noon tomorrow, Thursday.

Public consultation around a proposed full road closure at Emmet Place took place. However, following feedback from local stakeholders, Cork City Council agreed to a partial closure.

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