THINGS TO DO IN CORK: Carrigaline Toastmasters seeks new members

21 September 2020
By Tom Collins

As the winter approaches attention turns to clubs and activities. Have you considered improving your speaking range?

Carrigaline Toastmasters are based in the town of Carrigaline, South Cork, although they have been meeting online only since the March COVID19 lockdown

Carrigaline Toastmasters Club met on Zoom this evening. They had two prepared speeches:

Liliya gave a speech opening with this question;” if you had money in an account that was going to disappear at the end of the day, would you spend it all, or would you just leave it sitting there? Every morning, we have time given to us. At the end of the day the time is all gone. We need to learn to spend our time wisely. If you think time doesn’t matter, ask someone who just came second in the Olympics or who just failed an exam, or missed a bus. Time is our greatest asset.”

Jason educated us about mentoring. He had read a book around mentoring on a nuclear submarine. The captain used the, “leader/leader” system. The Captain delegated leadership to his Officers, and developed a much more efficient crew. Jason’s parents used a similar style in parenting. He learned to take responsibility for his actions, developing skills step by step. He is now applying this mentoring to his own family life.

Carrigaline Toastmasters Club will be meeting online on Monday 5th October at 8pm. Please contact Marion for details on joining on +353892006179. Guests are always welcome and never asked to speak (unless – of course – they wish to!)

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