HEALTH POLITICS: ‘Bring your own laptop’ for contact tracing

28 October 2020
By Tom Collins

The Cork North Central Solidarity TD Mick Barry this morning said that contact tracing completion times are completely unacceptable and must be improved.

Mick Barry TD

His comments came as the Irish Times reported that in the 7 days up to last Thursday less than one contact in six was being traced within the recommended 3 day timeframe.

His comments also came as the Irish Times further reported that some new HSE contact tracing recruits have been asked to bring their own laptops to work as new HSE laptops have not yet been delivered.

Deputy Barry said: “One of the most important jobs in the country right now is the job of a contact tracer and it just shouldn’t be happening that new contact tracing recruits are being asked to bring their own laptops to work.”

He continued: “Its another sign that priority has not been given to building up a world class contact tracing system. The end result of this lack of prioritisation is 5 people out of 6 being traced outside of the recommended timeframe. This is not acceptable and people need to loudly demand better.”

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