“The first of its kind Women in Business Club in Cork”

16 November 2020
By Mary Bermingham

Business News

THE CLUB, a community of women in business driven by its members, has been launched at the REPUBLIC OF WORK by Business Coach and Mentor Sian Horn. THE CLUB is a community where members are inspired by leaders who understand and work for themselves, a place where businesswomen listen to experts who can make a difference to their businesses.

An award-winning entrepreneur, business coach and speaker, Sian Horn has captivated audiences with her approach to life, despite many setbacks. Sian has been the Director & CEO of the award-winning Elite Pilates since 2013. Her passion for small business paired with her love for movement has led her to be successful across several industries, but most notably she has been a trailblazer when it comes to changing the approach to the wellness & fitness industry. This culminated in the launch of BeBelle Tribe, a brand that empowers and encourages movement while creating a community of women who shout for each other.

Founder & business mentor Sian Horn with Club member Voxpro co-founder Linda Green-Kiely and Frank Brennan, Republic of Work at the launch of THE CLUB, “The first of its kind Women in Business Club in Cork”. More details www.sianhorn.com
Pic Darragh Kane

Speaking at the launch, Sian says “I really wanted to create a network that is driven by its members. A place where everyone’s voice is heard and where we learn how to be kind to ourselves and others. It’sIt’s a great opportunity to get access to and listen to experts who can make a difference to our businesses and be inspired by leaders who understand and work for themselves. We don’t just sit around and drink tea, we roll up our sleeves and get truly stuck in. It’s not a watching and see, It’s more a see and then do”

Also at the launch Club member and Voxpro co-founder Linda Green-Kiely spoke of the importance of women supporting and helping other women in industries, she says, “Women-owned businesses thrive and are great to support and encourage other women to do the same. THE CLUB is different from anything in the marketplace right now as it is an open forum and a safe place for members to ask, say and do as they need. I’m delighted to be part of this.”

Pic Darragh Kane
Pic Darragh Kane

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