52% of people in Cork have made a conscious effort to be kinder since March #PrescribeKindness

18 November 2020
By Tom Collins

New Boots Ireland #PrescribeKindness research reveals that

  • 52% of adults surveyed in Cork said they had received an act of kindness from others since the onset of Covid-19

  • 60% of adults in Cork said acts of kindness (given or received) have made them feel more connected to their local community

As we look towards a Christmas like no other, nationally representative #PrescribeKindness research commissioned by Boots Ireland has revealed that shifting priorities as a result of the pandemic has in many cases brought out the best in people and shown us to be a society that really cares for each other. The #PrescribeKindness survey found in Cork that 52% of people have made the conscious effort to be kinder this year, 74% of people are more aware of how people around them might be feeling as a result of Covid-19. While in Ireland 37% of people see society as kinder while 37% feel people are more considerate compared to a year ago.

Through this research, Boots Ireland aims to highlight the power of kindness, especially at a time when we may feel like we have less control of all aspects of our lives. By showing gratitude to those around us, and to our wider community, we can promote a greater sense of wellbeing and happiness this Christmas.

Christmas is a time when many acts of kindness are given and received. As a long-standing partner of the Irish Cancer Society, Boots Ireland as part of the #PrescribeKindness campaign is gifting presents to each and every Irish Cancer Society Night Nurse to thank them for the love and care they provide to the most vulnerable. The Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses provide end of life care for cancer patients and their families in their own home. Night Nurses provide extra support and reassurance for families and loved ones during what is very difficult and anxious time.

For its customers in Cork, Boots is here to support them during this time, whether that is by supplying patients and customers with their prescriptions, offering a listening ear, or providing trusted advice. Boots.ie is also available to provide customers with inspirational gift ideas this Christmas, with a fabulous selection of local Irish gifts available online to our customers. So, you too can #PrescribeKindness to those who have supported you in 2020.

Dr Jolanta Burke, Positive Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Maynooth University said:

“Doing kind things for others boosts serotonin levels, the neurotransmitter responsible for feeling satisfied. As a society we continue to face difficult times, but the Boots Ireland research has overwhelmingly shown that kindness is prevailing which is good for our society. Carrying out acts of kindness for each other can positively affect our own mental health and in turn inspire more people around you to carry out their own acts of kindness.”

The Boots Ireland survey found that more than half (64%) of adults in Cork said that they feel happy when they perform an act of kindness for someone.

“Happiness begins with gratitude. This research has shown that if someone has been kind to you and you show gratitude to them by way of a thank you, not only does the person who receives the gratitude feel better, the person who shows gratitude can receive a bump in happiness that can last up to one month. For Christmas 2020, we are all in need of more happiness to help us continue to withstand the changing dynamics of life”,

continued Dr Jolanta Burke.

The Boots research found that even while adhering to social distancing, people in Cork have spent more meaningful time with family with 53% saying they have spent more quality time connecting with their family. People in Cork have also helped each other out with 37% saying they shopped for essential prescriptions or groceries for people who couldn’t visit the shops themselves. They also carried out acts of kindness for other people with 29% saying they baked something nice for someon.

In Cork, people have also been more thoughtful towards friends and family who live on their own and 31% said they spent more time looking out for a friend. People in Cork have also looked out for colleagues who have been struggling, with 33% saying they did a good deed for someone without them asking for help, and across Ireland we have clapped for our carers. All marked examples of taking time to be more kind.

Louise O’Brien, CSR Manager Boots Ireland said:

“Never before have we seen people come together in the way we have done since March. Covid-19 poses many challenges for people. The #PrescribeKindness survey found 51% of people in Cork said that receiving an act of kindness inspired them to carry out their own act of kindness for someone els].This sentiment is being demonstrated through our donation of gifts to all of the Irish Cancer Society Night Nurses to thank them for going above and beyond providing home-based end of life care for people living with cancer.”

As the research shows a little bit of kindness and gratitude can go a long way, Boots Ireland wants to encourage everyone in Cork to continue to #PrescribeKindness during the festive season, helping others and themselves to feel happier this Christmas.

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