What’s happening with the John Barleycorn Hotel site in Glanmire?

26 November 2020
By Elaine Murphy

The Green Party in Cork has said the community in Glanmire deserve a clear answer in relation the former John Barleycorn site in the suburb, which officials say the city is unlikely to buy.

The former hotel was destroyed by a fire in 2006. The community in Glanmire have been looking for the site to be purchased by Cork City Council as an expansion to the neighbouring John O’Callaghan Park. The 5.5 acre site is now for sale with an asking price of €1.6m.

Green Party councillor, Oliver Moran, pressed officials about the potential for Cork City Council to purchase the site at Monday evening’s Local Area Committee meeting for the North East ward, which officials said was unlikely to progress.

Cllr Oliver Moran of the Green Party in Cork City

Afterwards, Cllr Moran he was disappointed but that the community deserved a clear answer on the proposal:

“The site was assessed by the Property Department in Cork City Council. It is currently zoned for mixed-use purposes, which the city would not be interested in pursuing without a clear development proposal.

“Currently, the city is only purchasing property of this kind for either amenity or housing, with a priority for housing. The mixed-use zoning doesn’t satisfy that and the city doesn’t have the money to purchase it solely for a park.

“The Executive did want to emphasise to the community in Glanmire that the site was assessed by the Property Department. The proposal wasn’t dismissed without an investigation. However, it looks like the city will not currently be purchasing the property for amenity. I know this isn’t what the community wanted to hear but I said at the meeting that the community deserve a clear answer.”

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