Cork business owners urged to consider air sterilisation to facilitate safe reopening

15 January 2021
By Tom Collins

Air sterilisation in recirculating ventilation systems is a key factor to consider in order to safely reopen businesses and offices across all sectors, according to industry experts Shiva Air Conditioning. According to the company, business owners and facility managers need to ensure they have the correct precautions in place to contain the spread of Covid-19 on their premises, when Ireland emerges from Level 5 lockdown.

The company has just brought a new product to market in Ireland, the Shiva TiO2 UVC LED Air Steriliser Kit. The Air Sterilizer Kit has been independently tested and is proven to eliminate 99.9% of viruses on contact, including Covid-19. The innovative technology utilises UVC light alongside a Titanium-Coated Photocatalyst Filter that ensures bacteria and viruses are converted into harmless by-products carbon dioxide and water.

Shiva Air Conditioning has experienced a high level of demand for the product and has sold 68% of its stock in just 1 month, to a wide range of Irish businesses and public organisations operating across the retail, hospitality, industrial, and medical sectors.

Stephen Harkin, Managing Director of Shiva Air Conditioning said “We are calling on all businesses to give due consideration to the air conditioning products they utilise at present, and if their current setup will help to contain, or accelerate, the spread of Covid-19. Indoor air quality is an overlooked but vitally important element when it comes to public health in the current climate and we would encourage all organisations to give due consideration, and act responsibly in this area.”

The Air Steriliser Kit was originally part of a larger patented product (in development since 2018 and arriving to the market in Summer 2021) and was designed and manufactured exclusively for Shiva Air Conditioning. The product utilises UVC LED lamps and can be installed by any HVAC technician in just 15 minutes. It has a lifespan of 10,000 hours/3 Years and can be operated via wireless remote control or Wi-Fi control. As the UVC rays are produced by LEDs as opposed to Mercury based lamps, no Ozone is created while they are in operation, meaning they are completely safe to operate in a live working environment, unlike other products on the market which require the area to be vacated in order to sterilise a room.

Stephen Harkin explained “When we saw the COVID-19 Situation getting serious after the first lockdown was announced in March 2020, we opened negotiations with our manufacturer about segregating the UVC Ti0² Technology into its own standalone product. The units can be retrofitted into any new or existing AC System, and kill 99.9% of Viruses, including Covid-19, in the air. Thankfully, R&D went smoothly and the product went in for its first tests and certification in August 2020. The product was ready for market late in November 2020, so it was a great effort both by our team and our manufacturer.

In the past few months, we have seen an increase in queries from business owners across all sectors as they prepare to reopen their doors in 2021, including offices that have remained closed since March due to remote working practices. Focus has typically been on sterilising outdoor air entering a closed environment, however this product concentrates on the re-circulating air in a closed environment which is the main concern being raised by leading world experts.”

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