West Cork TD comments on COVID funeral mourner caps

6 April 2021, Tuesday
By Tom Collins

Deputy Michael calls on the Government to let the ritual of funerals continue with more than 25 people

Deputy Micheal Collins in the Dail last week raised with the minister to increase the number of people who are allowed at funerals. Speaking from the Convention Centre in Dublin on the Children’s Amendment Bill, Deputy Collins stated “ it’s a very sad state of affairs when you see close family members standing outside a church they cannot go in and be a part of the mass or whatever service it is, they feel they are excluded from their loved ones service”.

Deputy Collins said he sadly “has attended many funerals during covid 19, albeit from standing on the side of the road, but what I have noticed is the people in this country would like to be able to attend funerals to say a proper goodbye, to pass on their respects to the families and the friends of the person who has passed away”

“Funerals in Ireland, well certainly in west cork are a ritual, we have always been able to take part in, if you go to a funeral now in west cork you will see family members and very close friends outside the door of the church, you will see friends and neighbours lining the streets, social distancing, wearing masks to pay their respects” said the Deputy.

Deputy Collins repeated that “I would urge you, Minister, as we are talking about grief that you urgently review the numbers of people who take part in a funeral in a church, especially where there is ample room for mourners”.

The West Cork TD Michael Collins (Ind)

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