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11 December 2013 By Bryan T. Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie Shocking cyber security breaches have been uncovered at 10 prominent hotels in Dublin and throughout Ireland, by IT Security Company Smarttech.ie. It has been discovered that all 10 hotels have a fundamental security flaw in their guest Wi-Fi service that puts users on the premises at risk.... Read More
14December 2013 By TheCork.ie new@TheCork.ie Certified over 16,000 export related documents, enabling companies to trade globally. Held close to 70 events, helping businesses to connect and network. Welcomed international delegations through our Enterprise Europe Network from Austria, Australia, China, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa, growing connections worldwide. Trained over 700 people through the... Read More
13th December 2013, Friday By Bryan T. Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie This week’s Prize Bond Star prize of € 20,000.00 goes to lucky Prize Bond number SN 796693 held in County Cork. The lucky bond was purchased in 2012. There were over 9,500 prizes awarded in this week’s Prize Bond Draw, amounting to over €500,000. In addition... Read More
13th December 2013 4.30am By Bryan T. Smyth news@TheCork.ie Cork City Cllr Tony Fitzgerald (FF) chair of the Cork City Joint Policing Committee has welcomed the commencement of garda recruitment after a five year ban on recruitment. Cllr Fitzgerald stated that this is a very positive step and It is important now to ensure that... Read More
12th December 2013 By TheCork.ie news@TheCork.ie Gardaí at Anglesea Street, are investigating a robbery that occurred at High Street Post Office, Cork City, today, 12th December 2013 at approximately 9.20am. Two males wearing motor cycle helmets entered the premises and produced, what was described as, a small hatchet and a claw hammer before threatening staff,... Read More
10th December 2013 By Bryan T. Smyth bryan@TheCork.ie The mothballed Bottlehill dump in North County Cork MIGHT open for business as soon as 5 years time. The controversial facility should have opened in 2010 but because of the surplus of landfill space in Cork, and increasing EU levys on landfill the local authority decided it... Read More