Cork Charity launched

Today, Saturday 23rd October 2010 Cllr. Jim Daly, Mayor of Cork County officially launchs “Solar Without Frontiers”, a new Cork based Charity set up by a group of engaged energy consultants. The aim of this non-profit organization is to bring much needed solar energy technologies to disadvantaged communities in developing countries.

While sunshine is abundant in many developing countries, many communities go without electricity and the basic means of lighting their homes, refrigerating their food and pumping water. Solar Without Frontiers aims to bridge the gap between the resource and the technology by bringing specially designed off-grid solar systems to even the remotest villages.

The advantages of these technologies to the communities would include better levels of sanitation, reduced health risks associated with the use of the existing Kerosene lamps, improved education and health care facilities.

In April 2009 Solar Without Frontiers sent solar lights to a small village called Gilgil in Kenya’s Nakuru district. The project in Gilgil is run by Self Help Africa, who sent volunteers from Mc Egan College in Macroom, a local secondary school, together with other Irish students, into the village to help in their agricultural program. The lights are the first solar lights to come to this village, where people have been using kerosene lamps all along.

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