Supermac’s, Casement Square, Cobh will mark the opening of it’s new restaurant

on Saturday, 5th February with a collection of sports equipment which will be

redistributed amongst schools, sports clubs and organisations in Cobh through

voluntary organisation Sports Aid. The opening of Supermac’s, Cobh will be a fun

filled family day starting at 1.00pm with some very special guests.

Supermac’s is backing the collection of sports gear and equipment that has been

grown out of or will not be used again by voluntary organisation Sports Aid. The

sports gear and equipment will be passed on to organisations that are in need of it

but may not have the resources to purchase the equipment themselves including

schools, sports clubs and organisations throughout Cobh. The collection will run

from Saturday, 5th February to Sunday 13th February in Supermac’s Cobh.

Sports Aid anticipates a much increased demand for sports gear and equipment in

Cobh due to funding cuts. Sports Aid needs all types of sports gear and equipment

including football boots, Astroturf boots, footballs, hurleys, sliotars, helmets, rugby

balls, equestrian tack and golf clubs. Should people have heavy sports equipment at

home such as old treadmills, rowing machines, equestrian equipment, free weights

or bicycles they wish to pass on, Sports Aid will take their details in Supermac’s, Cobh

to arrange a suitable date for collection. All sports gear and equipment must be in

good condition and cleaned before it can be accepted by Sports Aid.

Commenting on the Sports Aid initiative, Managing Director of Supermac’s Pat

McDonagh, says, “Supermac’s is delighted to facilitate Sports Aid with its collection

of sports gear and equipment in Cobh. We’ve seen over the last few years with cuts

in funding to schools and sports organisations that there is more of a need than ever

for an organisation such as this. Sport has a strong, encouraging influence on young

people, something which is invaluable for their development. This coming year may

be more difficult for people to get their hands on the equipment they need to get

started or improve their performance in various sports, something which has been

recognised by Sports Aid Director Niall McNeilus. Supermac’s hopes this collection

will be well supported in Cobh, giving people new opportunities in various sporting


Details on the Sports Aid collection are available on To apply for

consideration by Sports Aid in Cobh please e-mail

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